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getting comfortable being uncomfortable

lisa's most
requested keynote

We all see situations and others through a different lens. Each of us has our own perspective on what we think we see. In today’s work culture, there are hot button issues we have to face as a team. Learn how as a team and individually you can collaborate and work cohesively toward a common goal. 

Learning Objectives: 

1. Learn how employees can be seen and for their voice to be heard

2. Learn to align with leaders above you

3. Learn how to find ways to resolve conflict and find cohesiveness

As business and HR leaders, we need to stop avoiding tough conversations because you think you are being polite. Many problems in the workplace are often due to not having clear communication. Sometimes we think it is easier to feed people half-truths because we do not want to hurt their feelings when in reality, we are making ourselves feel better. 

Learning Objectives: 

1. Learn to create a culture of improved wellness and high performance

2. Learn how to have tough conversations with employees

3. Learn to use the tools introduced to redesign behavior change to solve problems

be clear
say what you mean

lisa's most
requested keynote

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